Billion 7800n don’t power off for too long

I recently went away for a couple of weeks holiday and thinking I was doing the right thing I switched off my Billion 7800n wireless router. Came home switched it on and everything worked fine – for about 20 minutes. All lights were flashing ok but I could not connect to the web admin interface.

Rebooted it a few times and no joy. Then I had to do the dreaded reset. Also done that a couple of times and found that whenever I enabled the wireless setting – boom the unit just froze.

Searched on-line and found that other people had similar issues and also found out that Billion had a 2 year warranty period. Searched for when I purchased it and yup it had passed the 2 year period – only just though – about 25 days over.

I raised a support ticket on the Billion UK support website and after a couple of log requests plus sending the unit back I received a brand new 7800n.

All up it took 2 weeks to resolve the issue. Thanks Billion for the great support and helping your customers out.

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